Visitors who are looking for authentic experiences realize they have come to the right place as soon as they arrive in Riding Mountain National Park. Wildlife viewing and bird watching opportunities are everywhere, and your chance of success is greatly increased with help from local guides who can lead you to prime locations and explain how the native inhabitants in the park not only survive but thrive in their winter habitat.

Non-motorized transportation is your ticket to amazing experiences on the many kilometres of trails and spectacular vistas awaiting you in Riding Mountain National Park. Snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, skate-skiing, traction kiting, and sleigh rides will take you to places that are deeply moving and beautiful. Connect with nature and with yourself when you embrace winter and all the rewarding ways you can interact with the season.

Whether your interests are wildlife viewing, active pursuits, contemplation and rejuvenation, or sampling the food, arts and culture of the area, nothing gives you a better foundation than time spent in Riding Mountain National Park. You will soon see how the rich diversity of this amazing place shapes the people who live here as well as those who visit.

Awaken your senses, chart your own course, grab onto life…visit Riding Mountain!


With 18 cross-country ski trails in the park, all groomed by volunteer trail stewards, there are many  kilometres of excellent skiing available. Lights will be left on in the Wasagaming Campground which provides exceptional opportunities for the thrill of night skiing. 

Riding Mountain Parkway (Hwy 10) Ski Trails:
There are 5 ski trails located along the Riding Mountain Parkway
Beach Ridges, Crawford Creek, Broad Leaf, Hilton, Edwards Creek

Norgate Road (Hwy 19) Ski Trails:
There are 3 ski trails located along the  Norgate Road (#19 Hwy)
Grey Owl, Lake Katherine, Compound Trail

Agassiz Ski Hill Entrance Trails:
There are 3 ski trails located at the former Agassiz Ski Hill entrance:
Oak Ridge, Scott Creek, Agassiz Ski Hill

Wasagaming Townsite Ski Trails:
There are 4 ski trails located in Wasagaming Townsite:
Wasagaming Campground, Jackrabbit Training Area, South Lake, Whirlpool Road

Deep Lake Area Ski Trails:
There are 3 ski trails located in the Deep Lake area (north of Rossburn and Angusville)
Moose Lake, Deep Lake, Flat Lake


Snowshoeing :

There are 43 kilometres of groomed snowshoe trails, as well as the unlimited possibilities that await you when you set out “off trail,” including the challenge of snowshoeing Mt Agassiz. This is one of the fastest growing winter adventure sports in North America. Riding Mountain’s snow conditions and 6 designated snowshoe trails make it one of the best places to snowshoe in Manitoba:

Arrowhead Trail – 3.4 km
Access from Norgate Road (Hwy 19)

Baydak Lake Trail – 5 km
Access from Hwy 264 north of Angusville

Bead Lakes Trail – 4 km
Access from Riding Mountain Parkway (Hwy 10)

Brûlé Trail – 2.1 km (short loop) or 4.2 km (long loop)
Access from Norgate Road (Hwy 19)

Moon Lake Trail – 9.2 km
Access from Riding Mountain Parkway (Hwy 10)

North Escarpment Trail – 17.6 km
Access from Norgate Road (Hwy 19)


Cairns Cabin and other backcountry campsites are available by reservation (call 204-848-7275). 

Cairns Cabin is 14.4 km from the southern trailhead of the Ochre River Trail (parking lot on the Riding Mountain Parkway) and accessible on cross-country skis. It comes equipped with a wood stove, sleeping platforms, outdoor fire-pit and outdoor toilet. Advance reservation required.

Backcountry Campsites are also available by reservation. Each is equipped with a fire-pit, firewood, pit privy, picnic table and a food storage container. Local guides can assist with trip planning and equipment rentals [link to Clusters page].

Random Camping is also available for those who prefer the road less travelled. Campers can choose a place to camp anywhere in the park and are asked to register themselves in and out with the park office.


Ice fishing is permitted on Clear Lake and Lake Audy. A national park fishing license may be purchased at the Administration Office for RMNP or from the Elkhorn Resort, Friends of Riding Mountain Learning Centre in Wasagaming, and the Lake Audy District Station. 


Wind, open space and rock-free snow-covered terrain make Clear Lake an ideal location for traction kiting.


The park is surrounded by vibrant rural communities that will be your home base for exploration and discovery…places like Onanole, Wasagaming, Kelwood, McCreary, and Dauphin that offer quality accommodation and dining, expert guide services, as well as a wide array of authentic cultural and recreational experiences including performances, art exhibits, festivals and other special events.


These are just some of the reasons you will fall in love with winter in Riding Mountain National Park in winter and come back time and time again. All of these communities and activities are located within a one-hour driving radius of Wasagaming/Clear Lake.