Earth Rhythms

Earth Rhythms provides customized day trip travel experiences into Riding Mountain National Park for individuals, families & couples, and small groups. They also partner with the Elkhorn Resort & Solstice Spa, and Whirlpool Road Bed & Breakfast. “We craft experiences for girlfriend getaways, corporate teams, family celebrations and other small group events”, says Celes Davar (guide, host, owner and photographer). Your year-round menu includes unique team building programs, inspiring regional cuisine, access to local artists’ workshops, songcrafting encounters with Canadian songwriters, well-being exercises, and fun cultural activities in several local communities. We love it when you ask, “What can you do to help us?” It’s a great starting point for a customized, memorable getaway in all four seasons.

Tourism Dauphin

Tourism Dauphin’s – “Savour the Flavour” This custom experience features mouth-watering, traditional Ukrainian fare. Come prepared to learn from the pros. Start your experience with a lesson from Baba – learn to make your own braided Easter bread that will be baked to perfection while you eat your meal. Menus include a full meal of borscht, cabbage rolls, perogies, beet leaf rolls, sausages and more while you listen to live music performed by a traditional band. After dinner, burn off the extra calories with an interactive performance by local Ukrainian dance instructors, clad in traditional garb. Sit on the sidelines and enjoy the show or step up to the stage and learn the basic steps yourself. Eat, sing, cook, dance and take home your traditional bread along with a memory to last a lifetime! For more information on creating custom packages.